Mistic Bianco

If you’re looking for something elegant and unique to raise the charm of your home then you can count on the Mistic Bianco table lamp from the Nachalo collection to get the job done. We don’t just design gorgeous table lamps but rather decorative pieces of contemporary art that you can put in display anywhere in your home, office, café, and anywhere else you want to raise the charm and elegance of your décor.

The Mistic Bianco table lamp is designed with close attention to even the smallest details and made using aluminium with a high-gloss black finish that is professionally hand-spun by artisans which gives it a unique shape. This lamp is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to spread a warm and relaxing ambiance throughout their space while keeping everything lit just enough.

Thanks to the transparent acrylic it distributes light evenly while the high-end built-in LEDs provide long term and reliable use. If you’re tired of bland, traditional table lamps bringing down the look of your décor then the Mistic Bianco table lamp is what you need.