Novo Bianco

The Novo Bianco table lamp from the Nachalo collection was made and designed with a simple goal, which was to upscale the look, feel and charm of any décor effortlessly. By combining professional craftsmanship with elegant and contemporary design, we made this lamp to add a touch of unique and fresh décor that would make your home, office, café or even hotel both look extraordinary and feel warm.

Our table lamps are carefully handmade by professional artisans and crafted using durable aluminium with a high-gloss black finish making it the perfect choice for anyone that wants to impress their guests. Thanks to the simple yet elegant design, you can confidently display it on your table, bedside, counters and anywhere else you want.

Novo Bianco table lamps combine transparent acrylic along with a built-in LED light to bring you a table lamp that you can proudly put on display knowing it looks nothing short of fabulous. With an almost natural shape and professional build, you simply can’t go wrong with the Novo Bianco table lamp when it comes to beauty and elegance.