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Zinteh is a name that has embodied quality, innovation, and invention for more than a decade. It was founded with the ambition to design unique luminaries that will pass the test of time. Inspired by the world around us and created by highly skilled craftsmen, our products provide cutting edge lighting solutions that adorn your space brilliantly. We understand that designing the perfect lighting is not limited to the product, it creates a complete experience which enriches the space around you.

Zinteh takes pride in being an enterprise that is environmentally responsible. Our team works hard to create energy-efficient solutions that are not only modern but also long-lasting. They are with you every step of the way, helping you make the right decisions for effective illumination.

Years of experience in the field of lighting has equipped Zinteh with the craft to infuse technology with innovative designs. We create lamps that are not only beautiful but also a perfect embodiment of efficiency and functionality.

We are committed to transforming lives one light moment at a time. The trust of our customers is the biggest asset at Zinteh whereas we strive to inspire them with ideas that brighten up their worlds.


Our aim is to create successful collaborations with designers, architects, and homeowners, with the vision to create lighting solutions that are both innovative and inventive. We pledge to create innovative solutions customized as per the customers’ unique requirements in order to ensure spaces that are lighted up with the care and love that they deserve. Our team is diligently trained to work closely together with you to give meaning to your ideas while transforming them into a stunning reality; worthy of your space
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